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Algunas boutiques están vendiendo el Apple Watch en UK sin reserva


Many of the criticisms of the initial plan of Apple on the system of distribution Watch Apple seems to go slowly dissipating. And is that although initially the company said it would only have available the number of dedicated devices, especially to avoid the previously common queue at the launch of each product from Apple , many buyers have been surprised that despite that they had not booked the device, they were able to buy the Watch in several boutiques in UK just waiting for the corresponding queue.

In this regard, several media have also reported that indeed, despite the constant denials of Apple about the impossibility of buying the watch without a reservation, it seems that in many stores can be purchased (for now is only confirmed in three of the boutiques UK) reserves itself after remains stock that has not been distributed.

Currently, most stores on the East Coast of the United States are just opening their stores, so we can not confirm that the same behavior in the United States is given, nor that is the standard pattern for the launch in other countries.

However, Apple seen moving in several stores in the UK, you may purchase the Watch Store without reservation pitch is entirely feasible .

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